Window Cleaning F.A.Q's

Q. How do you get the windows so clean?

A. I would like to tell you that it is magic, but it is not. A great deal of care, training, practice and high quality tools all contribute to the results you ultimately see. In addition, I take a great deal of pride in getting your windows spotless where possible and giving you the result you desire.

Q. What do you use in your solution?

A. I use a biodegradable environmentally safe cleaning solution and an industry specific soap for cleaning. I have found this combination to be the best solution for eliminating dirt and oil, as well as, providing for a window that will stay clean longer than soap alone.

Q. Can I get my windows cleaned on a regular basis?

A. Yes. I do offer maintenance programs which can be customized to meet your needs. Most frequently, customers choose to have their windows cleaned two to three times a year or four times a year on a maintenance schedule. Customers then choose which times they want the windows cleaned indoor and outdoor and which cleanings are to be out only.

Q. Do I really need the inside of my windows cleaned?

A. Typically, yes. I like to do both inside and outside the first time I clean windows as the client then gets the full effect of perfect looking, professional window cleaning. If one doesn’t smoke in the house, have toddlers or many pets, I can rotate and do in and out, and then just the outside every other visit which is more economical. Usually most of the dirt is on the outside, but interior windows can get quite soiled (especially in the kitchen). One advantage to having both sides cleaned is that from then on it is very easy to take a lint-free rag and polish the fingerprints off the inside.

Q. Can windows be cleaned in the winter?

A. Yes! Window cleaning is even more important during the winter season. Road salt turns into an air borne powder from the vehicles driving over it. This dust settles on your screens and windows just as any other type of dust does. We follow proper safety guidelines to ensure your winter service will be completed safely and to your complete satisfaction.

Q. What are your rates?

A. My price is obtained by doing an on-site estimate. I charge a base rate for interior and exterior window cleaning of only $8.00 per pane, which includes frames, screens, tracks and sills. For exterior only I charge a base rate of only $4.75 per pane.