window cleaning maintenance programs

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One of the more common questions that we get asked is "How frequently should I get my windows cleaned?". For many people, budget and location are going to be the biggest factors in determining your frequency. Below are our recommendations.

Monthly or Bi-Monthly - This frequency is only suggested for customers with houses that are near the beach areas. Unfortunately there is nothing currently on the market that repels salt from the ocean. If salt sits on windows for too long it will start to stain the windows so it is important to wash the exterior panes pretty regularly. Some customers will only have their windows most exposed to the water washed monthly. These customers receive 30% off up on EACH of their Monthly cleanings.

Quarterly - This frequency is generally recommended for customers that live close, but not directly on the water, or homes in VERY high traffic areas. These homes only need the Interior Panes cleaned Semi-Annually. Our customers receive 20% off up on EACH of their Quarterly cleanings.

Semi-Annual (6 Month) - Most Common - We recommend this cleaning to all of our residential customers who do not live near the beach/water, or VERY high traffic areas. We recommend the Interior and Exterior be cleaned twice a year. Our customers receive 10% off on EACH of their 6 Month cleanings.

Annual - This is recommended for people who are looking for basic maintenance and are more concerned with preventing staining than actually keeping the windows sparkling. An annual cleaning minimizes the deposits on the window. Customers who schedule service a minimum of Annually will have their price locked in for life.